Our Philosophy

Concerted Care Group

We Believe

In working, not wishing; in leading not following; and in the pleasure of being a positive force of change in peoples’ lives.

Concerted Care Group

We Defend

Our communities by instilling respect and restoring hope.

Concerted Care Group

We Live

For today, not yesterday. We take our lessons from the past but keep our eyes on the future by living actively in the present.

CCG is providing opportunities for individuals and communities to experience real change through a comprehensive concerted approach to caring.

CCG is a partner in care. We listen and respond. Sometimes our best ideas come from our patients.

Rules to Operate By

  • We will treat our patients with compassion – we treat others how we would like to be treated.
  • We will offer our patients more opportunities to better their lives – in return we will ask more from our patients.
  • We believe in respecting one another – we are stronger when we can trust one another and work together in a concerted fashion.
  • We will create a model of excellence for others to follow

What We Do Differently

  • Provide services that our patients need within the same facility – including Mental Health, Primary Health Care, Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT), and Health Home Services (Coordination of Care).
  • Give our patients opportunities for jobs and housing in order to help individuals and restore communities.
  • Enforce the rules of this clinic to create discipline, safety, and order for our patients and our surrounding community.
  • Give patients a higher quality facility for their care – we expect to change the environment and thus the experience of our patients.


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