Edith is a nurse practitioner, in her first year at Concerted Care Group, Baltimore. She provides addiction assessments and addiction treatments. Her main focus is on opioids.

She became a nurse practitioner in drug treatment and counseling because she wants to help people. Based on studies, she believes opioid addiction to be a brain disease. So, with intense treatment, guidance and counseling, she sees her clients succeed in treatment.

Opioids are classified as the following: oxycodone, morphine and hydrocodone used to treat pain. They can become addicted. They were introduced for positive reasons to treat pain and to help patients recover from surgery and broken bones.


Unfortunately, people who become addicted now depend on the opioid to get the euphoria.

Opioid addiction can occur from prescription drugs such as Percocet. A patient has serious pain from surgery. So, three days after surgery, a patient does not typically need Percocet to control the pain. However, the patient likes the euphoria and how it relaxes them. They then end up continuing to take the opioid even after the pain has subsided.

One of the typical signs of opioid addiction is doctor shopping to magnify the pain. For instance, you feel you need Percocet to control the pain. Opioid addicts take more of it than they need to feel better and experience the good feelings from the drug.

Most Concerted Care drug treatment clients are introduced to opioids by a friend at a party. Once they try it, their brain becomes addicted. So, they chase the drugs-heroin, prescription or any other opiates-to continue the “good feelings”.

The best way to help someone with an opioid addiction is to find out about local treatment options. Concerted Care Group offers methadone and suboxone treatments. Opioid addicts should see it as a disease, not a  a moral failing. Then, with the appropriate treatment resources, can manage the opioid addiction.

The Concerted Care Group provides comprehensive opioid addiction treatment. We utilize the “Whole Person, Whole Life” philosophy of substance abuse treatment. It integrates medical, psychological, vocational, economic, and social expertise to literally “wrap around” the patient and the patient’s lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you have an opioid addiction, heroin addiction, prescription drug addiction, methadone addiction, painkiller addiction or some other substance abuse addiction. We treat them all and do it under one roof.

Contact our outpatient clinic in Baltimore, Maryland at (410) 617-0142 or email at info@concertedcaregroup.com. We accept patients that same day, too.