Nurse Case Manager



Concerted Care Group, LLC is an integrated care wellness center located In Baltimore, MD. We offer a continuum of services to ensure as many of our clients needs get met on site as possible. We understand the multi-faceted nature of addiction and we know that each patient is unique.

We treat the whole person, in the whole spectrum of their life.

CCG is looking for a dynamic Registered Nurse who coordinates care between patients in an opiate treatment program and the rest of their providers, including mental health, somatic care, dental, and social services. This position is primarily centered around data management and requires someone with a high degree of comfort managing record keeping and reporting. The health home model (not home health!) is a new model that recognizes certain high risk populations can benefit from preventative care to improve overall outcomes.

Principle Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Comfort and competency in utilizing online and electronic data management systems. The Nurse will be accessing data on the CRISP system, in eMedicaid, and in our electronic health record.
  • Comfort and competency using Word and Excel. The nurse will compile reports for the data he or she pulls, which will need to be assembled in a meaningful fashion in Excel.
  • Facility working with others in a varied team environment. The nurse care manager will be working closely with counselors, therapists, doctors, and nurses to ensure wraparound care and follow through services. The ideal candidate will not be afraid to insert themselves but will also be sensitive to others’ needs. This role works closely with the entire treatment team.
  • Comfort and previous experience working with patients who have mental health and substance abuse issues. The nurse will be working with clients from time to time, however, most of the work required will not be with direct client care.
  • Ability to develop treatment plan goals.
  • Ability to manage and enter a large amount of data and track moving data points, including due dates.
  • Understanding of the major health issues affecting this population and treatment modalities with which to approach them including implementing a variety of wellness initiatives.
  • Creativity in teaching and motivating.
  • Ability to champion the program with staff and outside agencies to explain the philosophy of the program and educate care providers as well as clients.
  • Good working nursing knowledge with which to be able to assess for risks and health opportunities.
  • Good organizational and time management skills extremely important.
  • Bachelors degree and RN license in good standing required.


Concerted Care Group Baltimore, LLC is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and is committed to compliance with all Federal, State and local laws that prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, age, natural origin, ethnicity, religion, gender, pregnancy, marital status, sexual orientation, citizenship, genetic disposition, disability or veteran’s status or any other classification protected by State/Federal laws. Concerted Care Group, LLC offers competitive salaries and professional, rewarding work environment.