Outpatient Program (OP)


Outpatient IconOur Outpatient Program is the most independent level of treatment we offer.

“They are helping me try to become the best person that I can be with the affliction that I suffer from.” — Frederick MD client.

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Sometimes patients enter this program as their last step down before the clinical phase of their recovery journey ends. Other times, it may be the appropriate level in which to pursue recovery treatment when most other areas of a person’s life are pretty stable. At CCG, we allow patients to step up and step down in care intensity as the circumstances of their lives change. At every level, our patients will receive the same quality of compassionate, innovative, evidence-based treatment.

Our Outpatient Program is also utilized by those who seek addiction treatment outside of our specialized Opiate Treatment Program and are not yet ready for an intensive level of care. This may include needs such as marijuana addiction, alcohol addiction, gambling, sex addiction, or other areas of need. This allows for the greatest amount of customizable focus for each individual’s needs.

Individual Support
Our team consists of multiple disciplines, including social work, counseling, nursing, medical, and psychiatry. In this way our clinical approach is informed, nuanced, and customizable. Our experienced staff creates a custom treatment program designed to meet each patient’s unique needs. We work with each individual as a partner to craft a therapeutic solution that works to ensure successful, long-term healing and recovery. Treatment needs change, and we monitor progress and adjust each patient’s treatment plan. We nurture each individual’s strengths, to help reclaim lost possibilities and whole-person wellness while giving the highest possible level of clinical expertise.

We accept Medicaid, Medicare and Self-Pay patients.

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