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Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)


Partial Hospitalization Program-PHPiconYour Recovery Is Our Primary Goal.

Our PHP program offers a more intensive level of care for acute times when extra support is needed. It allows you to live at home while receiving the same level of daily support as an inpatient or residential treatment program would give.

“They care. This place is better than the other clinics. They care about their clients and help with everything”. — Frederick MD client

Partial Hospitalization Program

Get The Help You Need
The Partial Hospitalization level of care is one step down from Residential / Inpatient Treatment. It’s designed for people who need the rigor and intensity of an inpatient program but, for various reasons, prefer to be at home at night and are able to do so. At the PHP level of care, you get a full day of evidence-based treatment including individual, group, and family therapy, educational classes, and skill building activities. This level of care is perfect for patients who want to fully commit to treatment yet need time away from the treatment location to remain connected with their usual lives each day.

Mind, Body, and Soul Personalized Recovery Plan
Our experienced staff creates a custom treatment program designed to meet your unique needs. We find out who you are and what works for you to keep you well. Then we work in partnership with you to craft a therapeutic solution that gives you all the tools you need to independently maintain successful, long-term healing and recovery. Your treatment changes as you change. We monitor progress and adjust your program as you get back on your feet. We nurture your strengths, help you rediscover your inner spirit, and lead you back to the real you, in a caring environment, defined by the highest possible level of compassion and professionalism.

Life After Partial Hospitalization Treatment
The length of your Partial Hospitalization treatment program depends on three things: your specific needs as determined by your initial assessment, the input of your clinical treatment team, and the progress you make in your recovery. When you meet the mutually agreed upon goals created for your individualized treatment plan you can step-down to a less rigorous level of care such as Intensive Outpatient or Outpatient. PHP is the needed boost to get through those rough spots in life. You don’t have to do it alone. We can support you with this short-term, focused, and intensive level of treatment.

We accept Medicaid, Medicare and Self-Pay patients.

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