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Treatment Overview


The Concerted Care Group (CCG) Treatment –
Whole Person, Whole Life

Our treatment approach is successful because we treat more than just the symptoms of opiate addiction. We also treat the behaviors and life circumstances that accompany, enable, and cause addiction.

Our outpatient addiction treatment integrates medical, psychological, vocational, economic, and social expertise to literally “wrap around” the patient and the patient’s lifestyle. And we do not disrupt the process by sending the patient from one facility to another; we do it all under one roof.

“CCG has allowed me to open up and talk about my problems with my addiction and my mental health. I am now able to live with my past and know there is hope for a better future. The mental health department has worked with me and allowed me to be able to talk about my emotional feelings and the things I go through. The IOP program has allowed me to open up and expose the truth about my addiction. For this I am truly grateful.” – Terrell

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Our treatment is Whole Person-Whole Life

We don’t just temporarily interrupt chemical dependency, we strive to permanently alter the lifestyle that leads to the use of, and addiction to, drugs. That means treating medical conditions – family history, illnesses, and chronic pain as well as instituting preventative healthcare. Conventional addiction approaches fail to address such underlying issues.

As a result, our outcomes are better. Patients experience immediate improvement and sustain their recovery after treatment. CCG treats the whole person to change the whole life.

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Elements of CCG Whole Person-Whole Life Treatment

We provide multiple levels and types of care in one place. We offer addiction treatment, behavioral health, primary care and other wrap-around services under one roof. We even have on site lab services for more immediate results.

Our patients feel respected. CCG’s staff is compassionate and acts as a support system. We provide a large, comfortable waiting area, private treatment rooms, space for group sessions, children’s area, modern, up-to-date facilities with hot coffee and convenient dosing hours, and the latest top-of-the-line medical equipment. Our approaches are based on the most up to date research and evidence based practices.

Outpatient addiction treatment center. Our patients do not stay overnight, but receive treatment, participate in therapy and activities during operating hours, and then return home.

We have a supportive atmosphere. Patients and loved ones participate in their own recovery. We embrace the love and support of a patient’s family and friends and invite them to be part of the treatment process. We offer a separate, supervised area for children while their caretaker is receiving treatment. When appropriate, they even receive services from the comfort of their own homes, via telemedicine.

No wait to get into treatment.
Call us or come by, and we’ll get you in today.

We accept Medicaid, Medicare and Self-Pay patients.

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Our Services

Therapy provided by psychiatric clinicians and professional counselors.
Treatment Overview
Intensive Outpatient Therapy (IOP)
Medical Services
Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)
Mental Health Wellness
Outpatient Program (OP)
Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)
Population Health Management
Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP)

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