CCG’s Behavioral Health Therapy


CCG’s Behavioral Therapy

The path to opiate addiction wellness has many components. Mental and physical health are intertwined with each other. Physical health issues negatively impact mental health, and the reverse is also true – addiction issues can harm both mental and physical health. Individuals struggling with substance use disorder typically have destructive, negative thinking. Thought patterns like these are harmful and destructive. So, they look for treatment for depression by using illegal drugs and doing other harmful behavior. These harmful thoughts, attitudes, and actions must be reversed.

We have found that successful addiction treatment is better assured when all other health issues are addressed. Success increases greatly when those treatments are provided in one place, within one program. Each team is also in daily communication with the patient and regularly updates designated loved ones on their status in the treatment program.    

Behavioral Therapy is an effective treatment for opiate addiction, as it:

  • Engages the patient in their drug abuse treatment
  • Has incentives for them to remain sober 
  • Modifies their attitudes and behaviors.
  • Creates positive daily habits to resist triggers to abuse drugs. 
  • Develops life skills to handle stressful moments.   

When the path to addiction wellness is located at different sites and systems that may not communicate adequately, it is more than inconvenient; your health can suffer. Mental health treatment works, but it works even better when your entire health care needs can be addressed in full coordination, at one site. This is the type of healthcare you can receive with CCG’s Harwood Behavioral Health program at the CCG clinic because any and all physical health or addiction issues can be addressed at once. 

We customize treatment to each patient and each set of life conditions. You can choose to receive any component of your health care here, and receive any other needed health care services elsewhere.

Our talented, sensitive, and caring Behavioral Health team includes:

  • Therapists
  • a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
  • a Nurse Practitioner
  • a Psychiatrist

The Behavioral Health Team members are experienced, licensed, and certified for substance abuse treatment for each patient. They are also trained in behavioral therapy for opiate users and other types of substance abusers. Their goal is for every patient to have a successful treatment that will last a lifetime.   

Services include individual and family therapy for adults and adolescents. Group therapy and psychiatric services are available for adults.

Concerted Care Group has an experienced staff and medical team that can carefully and compassionately guide your loved one through a plan specifically designed for them. We customize each case and our team meets regularly to monitor the patient’s treatment plan. If you would like a consultation, please contact us at (833) CCG-LIVE or use our website’s contact page. We will contact you promptly. 


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