Here’s what our clients are saying about us.

“CCG has allowed me to open up and talk about my problems with my addiction and my mental health. I am now able to live with my past and know there is hope for a better future. The mental health department has worked with me and allowed me be able to talk about my emotional feelings and the things I go through. The IOP program has allowed me to open up and expose the truth about my addiction. For this I am truly grateful”. — Terrell


“Everyone at the front desk is very helpful. My mental health provider is very easy to talk to. I never feel rushed, and she always listens to what I have to say. I’ve loved my counselor since day one. She has never given up on me. She checks up on me when I’m home, gets on me when needed, and all around cares about my recovery. She obviously cares about me because she is available at any time and never makes me feel less than or judged. My counselor has worked with me through my goals and accomplishments, such as getting a job and a car. She has supported me through the loss of my fiancé and the anniversary date of losing my son. I feel totally supported. CCG is an overall wonderful program”.Amanda


“I love the counselor’s at CCG. I enjoy every moment and the great things this program has to offer. I go crazy when I can’t get there. Bottom line is, I need this program”.Karen


CCG is the best program I’ve been in… and this is the fourth program I’ve attended. I’ve been here three years and have been clean every year since. The counselors and directors and actually everyone does what they can to help you along with your recovery. I would recommend anyone that wants to get clean, and maintain their recovery, to come here and try it for yourself.” — Mildred


“They are helping me try to become the best person that I can be with the affliction that I suffer from.” — Frederick MD client.


“They care. This place is better than the other clinics. They care about their clients and help with everything”. — Frederick MD client.


“I like the fact that CCG checks up on their clients. They seem to care. Best clinic I’ve been to.” — Frederick MD client.


“I like it because it’s very convenient. It’s staffed well and organized.”Frederick MD client.


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Therapy provided by psychiatric clinicians and professional counselors.
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