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Whole person wellness includes physical health, mental health, spiritual health, and interpersonal health. The integrated areas of a person’s life impact each other and cannot be addressed sequentially but as a multifaceted complex whole.

CCG is the best program I’ve been in… and this is the fourth program I’ve attended. I’ve been here three years and have been clean every year since. The counselors and directors and actually everyone does what they can to help you along with your recovery. I would recommend anyone that wants to get clean, and maintain their recovery, to come here and try it for yourself.” — Mildred

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Mental health includes how we feel and how we think.
We may have difficult feelings or thoughts in response to the experiences we’re facing, or have faced, in life. Or we may have thoughts and feelings that bother us and have no known cause.

A capable clinician can help in either case.
Just as we exercise our bodies, it’s important to exercise our minds. In therapy, CCG patients learn new skills and techniques for managing these areas. They also learn how to improve their abilities to face more of life’s challenges head on.

Our team consists of psychiatric staff, social workers, and counselors, each of whom brings unique areas of specialization to the table. We have staff who specialize in trauma informed care, family dynamics, or such acute needs as loss and grief. We offer groups and individual one-on-one treatment, and we offer psychotropic medication as desired and appropriate. Our goal is to create a service-rich menu for each person to select from. The right combination of support gives them a more rewarding level of emotional and mental comfort.

Many of our mental health patients see us for this service alone. Many others engage in both mental health and substance use treatment and experience additive benefits from a whole person approach. We believe everyone’s mental health matters, and we encourage everyone to find the path to mental well-being that works for them. Some may prefer interactive groups where community can be built, and stories shared. Others may want to engage in supportive activities on the home front. Mental health status is assessed in an ongoing fashion at CCG to assure no one has unaddressed needs.

We accept Medicaid, Medicare and Self-Pay patients.

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Therapy provided by psychiatric clinicians and professional counselors.
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