Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)


Achieving recovery from addiction – any kind of addiction – is a journey.  Sometimes it’s about maintaining successes. Sometimes it’s about that extra push. And sometimes it’s about that extra support.

Intensive outpatient treatment is an outpatient service that allows clients to get the steady ongoing support they need for difficult periods in their recovery. It includes both individual and group sessions with qualified professionals who help guide individuals through challenging periods in their recovery. IOP is not intended to be a long term solution, but a bridge to stable maintenance.

In our IOP, clients learn skills and techniques to help cope with the challenges of everyday life that can impact their recovery from alcohol and other drugs. We support clients’ pursuits of employment, school, and social engagement. Family is important, and community is important. Stress and addiction impact the ability to maintain and foster these areas of life.  In IOP, clients learn how these components fit together to support overall wellness.

Some areas that are included are:

  • Handling alcohol and drug cravings and triggers
  • Learning how to improve communication
  • Improving health knowledge and skills
  • Building and sustaining healthy relationships


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