Anton Kuznetsov Chief Executive Officer – CEO

Anton Kuznetsov is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Kolmac Integrated Behavioral Health and Concerted Care Group (CCG). But primarily, he considers himself a healthcare operator and investor with experience in multiple healthcare sectors. He earned his bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Maryland, where he later earned his MBA with a finance focus. He began his career as a sales representative with Pfizer Inc. and later worked at a private equity firm in Baltimore, where he was introduced to healthcare services.

Before becoming the CEO for Kolmac and CCG, Anton was the President of the Pediatric Division. Then went on to serve as Vice President of M&A for HealthPro Rehabilitation, one of the largest outsourced long-term care providers. Before merging with Kolmac, Anton was the CEO of Concerted Care Group (CCG), now known as Kolmac Integrated Behavioral Health and Concerted Care Group. As a leader, he believes, “We are nothing without the team around us,” which is why he feels passionately about “building great teams and great businesses that help serve the people.”

When asked why he loved working for Kolmac, Anton states, “Our healthcare system is broken and has been for some time. When it comes to addiction treatment and mental health, our industry is far behind the curve of other healthcare sectors in many areas. I love that we are changing the game and setting the bar for excellence in this field. We are providing best-in-class outcomes to our patients and pushing the industry forward in terms of advancement.”

During his free time, Anton loves to stay active by playing golf and tennis, and spending time with his family and their dog!