Nicole Diffenderfer Vice President of Human Resources

Nicole Diffenderfer is a North Carolina native who moved to the mid-Atlantic area 16 years ago after receiving her dual master’s degree in human resource management and industrial/organizational psychology from Appalachian State University. She received her bachelor’s degree in business and psychology from High Point University.

After graduate school, Nicole ventured into the world of Human Resources with a passion for shaping workplace culture, empowering employees, and nurturing talent. Her career spanning over 15 years has seen her traverse diverse industries and organizations, including some of the most influential Fortune 50 companies, non-profits dedicated to noble missions, educational institutions, and healthcare organizations caring for the well-being of individuals and their families.

Throughout her journey, Nicole has acquired a wealth of experience and knowledge, earning several respected HR certifications along the way. Her expertise and dedication have earned her the opportunity to present at national conferences and be featured in esteemed HR publications, establishing her as a thought leader in her field. Nicole is an ambitious and driven leader dedicated to the success of her team and the organization.

Nicole’s specializations in talent acquisition, leadership development, talent management, compensation, learning and development, and employee engagement have proved transformative for the organizations she served. Her focus on aligning organizational core values with her own has been central to her sense of fulfillment and professional success. Nicole’s desire to work for an organization with purpose and meaning led her to Kolmac Integrated Behavioral Health where she now serves as the Vice President of Human Resources.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Nicole’s happiness lies in her roles as a wife and mother. When not immersed in the challenges and rewards of the workplace, she can be found creating memories with her husband and their two boys. Even outside of the office, Nicole enjoys serving others. She takes great delight in organizing gatherings that bring people together, creating space where people can relax, get to know one another, and have fun together.

Nicole is thrilled to be part of an organization with a mission close to her heart. She is eager to witness the positive impact she and her team will make on the community they serve, helping individuals overcome challenges and find hope in the face of adversity.