Doug Rashid became a board member for Concerted Care Group soon after it opened. He serves on the board as a communications consultant for the board, as he is experienced in doing publicity and public relations for businesses in the Washington, D.C. area. Doug was also a pharmaceutical salesman for several years, which gives him a knowledge of medications.

Doug was motivated to join the board of CCG because he was touched by someone who has substance abuse issues. In addition, the vision of the founders of CCG to change the perception and stigmas around addiction and take a different approach to treatment inspired him to get involved. Getting the message out there was a challenge that Doug felt called to from the beginning.

Unfortunately, even though many people are supportive of substance abuse treatment centers, they don’t want one in their backyard. “They think these are bad people and they will bring our home values down and all that,” Doug says. “That is far from the truth. In fact, CCG clients are regular people just looking to get their life back on track.”

The CCG Board depends greatly on the leadership of medical professionals in both its long-term and short-term strategies. They advise on messaging, identify new places for treatment centers, and counsel on other crucial issues.

Concerted Care Group (CCG) is making progress in our methadone maintenance treatment program, as well as other substance abuse programs. Just three or four years ago the situation was dire. But CCG is helping to rehabilitate patients and reintroduce them into society. They are getting and keeping jobs, buying homes, and seeking training and education to enhance career opportunities. CCG continues to chip away at the stigma of substance abuse. The future looks very bright at CCG because the strategy is working!

The Concerted Care Group provides comprehensive methadone treatment. We utilize the “Whole Person, Whole Life” philosophy of substance abuse treatment. It integrates medical, psychological, vocational, economic, and social expertise to literally “wrap around” the patient and the patient’s lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you have an opioid addiction, heroin addiction, prescription drug addiction, methadone addiction, painkiller addiction, or some other substance abuse addiction. We treat them all and do it under one roof.

Contact our outpatient clinic in Baltimore, Maryland at (410) 617-0142 or email at We accept patients that same day, too.